The Nature Of Reality

As human beings we spend the majority of our lives seeking happiness & contentment but this is a futile search that will end in misery. 

Happiness is not something that we will “find”. It’s not out there to be purchased in the form of a new house or car, a holiday, or a new pair of shoes. Granted, these things are pretty awesome, but they will only bring short lived happiness and the search will begin again. 

Nature Of Reality

Happiness can not be found in anything external because it’s already inside every one of us. We just need to unveil it, remove the layers of conditioning, materialism and trauma and there we find a place of peace and happiness that we can return to anytime we want. 

Getting there could not be simpler. You do not need to spend hours every day in meditation, you don’t need to spend a fortune on self development or manifestation courses. You just need to relax, breathe and take a small trip along the direct path of introspection.

So .. am I saying you just need to sit down, breathe and find happiness within you and you will be happy for the rest of your life? Nope. That would be very boring, it’s lovely for about three minutes but then the bliss ends for me. The power comes in the realization itself, when you unveil your true nature which is happiness and peace you can then approach life from a completely different perspective where you have the tools you need to face anything life throws at you. You also unleash a super power.

Nature Of Reality

Prior to this … lets call it an awakening of your true nature you were resisting nature and the universe you were not flowing with it and allowing nature to flow through you, there were many barriers, tension and a feeling of overall struggle. 

When you realize the true nature of reality thats when you flow with it. The vibes of the universe and nature nourish you and provide you with everything required to lead a fulfilled life of purpose. Creativity flourishes, your brain clicks into place and performs effortlessly, your body is energized, ideas appear from nowhere, you meet people that bring great opportunities. It’s like magic !

It doesn’t end there. In time you realize that this super power you discovered within you that’s been with you since you were born, this place of happiness where your true nature lives is actually shared with everyone and everything. It’s an infinite consciousness and when you start to realize it in others a profound change occurs because when we recognize in others a similarity to ourself we feel love and we want to be kind to them.

Nature Of Reality

It was this discovery that gave me hope. If human beings can awaken to the nature of reality, if we can find our own true nature, understand and feel that this is shared with all beings, with our environment and all animals, then this is how we stop the degradation of our planet, stop the exploitation of animals and end the conflict between human beings. 

Sure, it will take time. But this is hope. The nature of reality is there for us all to unveil.

If you would like to begin your trip along the direct path of introspection I can highly recommend the teachings of Rupert Spira, he will take you there for free, the best teachings cost nothing but curiosity. You can find out more on his YouTube and website

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