Nature Of Reality

The Nature Of Reality

As human beings we spend the majority of our lives seeking happiness & contentment but this is a futile search that will end in misery.  Happiness is not something that we will “find”. It’s not out there to be purchased in the form of a new house or car, a holiday, or a new pair [read more ….]

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Hansah Tool Kit

Intuition: The Communication With True Self

I learned something new today, in truth i learn something new most days but today was a “ohhhhhh thats fun” kinda new thing  …. i learned that intuition means “in tuition” a teaching “tuition” coming from within “in”. Isn’t that cool !!! Intuitive intelligence is our sixth sense and it’s a feeling we receive through [read more ….]

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The Big Bang

Let’s Start With A Bang!

Many questions still remain over how the universe began. However “The Big Bang” theory is the most successful way in which astrophysicists explain the origin and evolution of universe. But how do you judge the success of a theory i hear you ask? A successful theory is one where experiments consistently confirm the predictions of [read more ….]

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