Life In Balance Workshop


There are only two ingredients that we spend our entire life in search of a) happiness b) purpose. Have you ever stopped to really think about this?

The problem is, most of us look in the wrong places. We look for happiness in objects, situations and relationships and although these might provide short term bouts of happiness they wear off very quickly indeed. Our life’s purpose can be even harder to locate, many of us don’t even know where to start looking let alone live it!

Our Hansah “Life In Balance” workshop will guide you through this process. It will be liberating, playful, enlightening & extraordinary. It feels like magic, it may just be magic !

What You WIll Learn

  • The Science Behind The Concept Of Life’s Purpose
  • Why Life’s Purpose Resonates
  • Where To Find Happiness
  • How To Find Your Life’s Purpose
  • How To Create Your Extraordinary Life
  • How Best To Live Your Every Day

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Just like the universe itself we too have an inner purpose and outer purpose.

The inner purpose of life is to find happiness, this is what every human wants. Sadly most if us look to find happiness in objects of experience for example a new car, new job, partner or maybe drugs and alcohol. When in fact the happiness we seek is already within us veiled by the content of experience.

The outer purpose of life is to create and express through inspiration our uniqueness. The universe wants to evolve & transform and we play a huge role in this.

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So what does this mean for us?

It means that if we can lift the veil on happiness and discover within us our true nature we open ourselves up to more and more inspiration and opportunity. Once we understand our true nature and in service of this understanding we can then expand our goals, dreams and ambitions ten fold, our energy will then expand ten fold and our opportunities become limitless, people show up that help us just when we need them, “chance” encounters happen, situations arise, doorways open … its like magic, yet its real.

This is how we live the extraordinary life we were designed to live, full of creativity & expression.

The Big Bang

The Hansah “Life In Balance” program takes us on an adventurous, playful journey of self discovery. Equipping us with the tools we need to find both happiness and purpose. Blending ancient philosophy with modern psychology, we learn simple daily awareness techniques to keep our physical body, energy body and consciousness balanced.

When we understand why we are the way we are, we can make friends with our all star cast of characters that have kept us “safe” until now. We re-name them, re-frame them and re-member our true self.

How To Book

The workshop duration is six hours over two days, held over a weekend. We also conduct the workshop on request for groups of 20 people or more.

Our tribe is an amazing group of people and this is a great opportunity to expand your friend & network connections worldwide and meet very interesting  new people with a shared desire to be extraordinary!

Pre-designated online workshops are available on the following dates.

Life In Balance Workshop

Purchase your spot online and use the comments section on check out to request your dates.  Welcome to the tribe !