Intuition: The Communication With True Self

I learned something new today, in truth i learn something new most days but today was a “ohhhhhh thats fun” kinda new thing  …. i learned that intuition means “in tuition” a teaching “tuition” coming from within “in”. Isn’t that cool !!!

Intuitive intelligence is our sixth sense and it’s a feeling we receive through the vibration of energy in our subtle body. Many people call it a “gut feeling” some people when asked to touch the place where they feel these vibrations will put their hand on the heart or on their chest. We can call this feeling whatever we want “vibes” “instincts” “senses” … call them anything thats comfortable.  Even the most practical minded, non hippie, non spiritual person will admit to having these feelings, even if they only admit it to themselves. 

EVERYBODY has intuition, we are born with it and in fact a child’s intuition is stronger than adults and they are more trusting of it than adults. As adults we have been conditioned to pay more attention and trust our practical thinking mind rather than trust our intuition. This thinking mind conditioning will not bring us to our true purpose in life, however accepting, trusting and following our intuitive guidance will most certainly lead us to live the extraordinary life that was meant for us and live it with purpose. 

Intuition Comes From Your True Self

Intuition is the communication of our true self, our spirit, our soul …. you can name it whatever feels comfortable … the important piece of knowledge that we need to understand is that our true self is ALWAYS right and can cope with ANYTHING that is thrown at us. If we deny or fight against our true self (intentionally or unintentionally) we will be mentally and/or physically sick, usually this takes the form of a chronic sickness or illness that doctors have not been able to properly diagnose & resolve, for example IBS, repeated sore throats, urinary problems, fatigue, lack of motivation, eating disorders, sleeping problems, stress, depression and anxiety. 

Our true self is connected to everything and everyone on a sub-conscious level that most of us can’t understand yet, but as science catches up with what the ancients have been teaching for years we are starting to see a clearer picture and understand the the role our energy body plays in our health, happiness and life’s direction. 

When you begin or continue the journey of strengthening your connection and trusting your intuition that represents your true self WONDERFUL things happen, things that leave you awe struck and even thinking to yourself “if i hadn’t seen this with my own eyes i would not have believed it” …. thing is you don’t need to see things with your own eyes … believe and trust first, listen to your intuition and then just see what happens.

If you would like to learn more about your sixth sense i can highly recommend the teachings of Sonia Choquette. I adore her wisdom & playfulness. 

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