Our Ambassadors

Hansah Ambassadors are fascinating individuals that we have formed great friendships with over the years. Each have faced their own challenges and formed unique ways to tackle them. They have not listened to people that set them limits and they have demonstrated time and time again how starting the day with the right mindset equips us with the tools we need for a happier life.

Jassica Lintanga aka Jessica Boubie

Jassica Lintanga, also knows as Jessica Boubie is an artist, a mother and a decorated ultra distance trail runner. Jessica is driven by her ancestral roots. Highly skilled in crafting beautiful brass & copper jewellery she has bought to life her traditional Dusun Tobilung culture through her craft, her running and her personality.

Jassica grew up in rural Sabah, in a small village. She has faced many challenges, yet in the face of hardship we see her rise above them. Despite the odds she became a celebrated national Ultra Trail Running Champion, in addition winning international titles that include the Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon (BUTM) & The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) races, she is also part of the Asian Trail Masters.

She has successfully established a crafting business for her hand-made jewellery which is growing rapidly. Ambassadors such as Jassica are important role models for us all, with the right mindset, determination, self care and resilience Jessica is an example of someone that has created her own fulfilling life but this is not to say this existence is without continued peaks and troughs. Life is a rollercoaster which requires daily resets and a good tool kit that helps navigate to a place of contentment.