About Hansah

A Holistic Approach To Leading A Happier Life

Hansah invites you to lead a happier life. Respecting the power of routine, understanding the freedom in re-framing, movement and mindful awareness and the value of finding your tribe. Being kind to all things, our environment, animals and ourselves. You won’t find too much fuss here, it’s practical and very easy to follow.

Hansah is a member of the Transformational Travel Council. We work with world renowned coaches, thought leaders and therapists creating physical & psychological journeys of self discovery and engagement.

Hansah began as a passion project, I’ve always been interested in how the mind, body and consciousness work together and i became a qualified therapist & teacher. I decided to end my teaching career in 2015, preferring the role of creator and facilitator, working with other experts in their field and bringing people together on the journey. Hansah also supports our animal welfare projects in Borneo.

We have a powerful motto “ We can’t change the world but we can change someone’s world”.

By Joanne Swann. Founder Of Hansah Life.