About Hansah

Lifting The Veil On Happiness & Finding True Purpose.

When i discovered that the secret to happiness is that there was no secret the pathway to purpose revealed itself.

I enjoy solving problems and it turns out, I’m pretty good at it. To use a stable attribute, i would call myself an “animal person” so I’ve spent a lot of my life solving animal problems and i continue to do so. Turns out i like solving human problems too, although truth be told, not all humans. I like to help humans that want to address there problems and take a deep dive into what’s holding them back, humans that desire to realize their true potential and are willing to put in the work.

Respecting the power of routine, understanding the freedom in re-framing, movement and mindful awareness and the value of finding your tribe. Being kind to all things, our environment, animals and ourselves. You won’t find too much fuss here, it’s practical and most importantly strategic. Yes, we set goals, we have ambition and we work hard, but we play a lot and we remain present. There is truth in “Its about the journey and not the destination” BUT … you gotta know where you are going!

I have a powerful motto “ We can’t change the world but we can change someone’s world”.

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By Jo Swann. Founder Of Hansah Life.