About Hansah

A Holistic Approach To Leading A Happier Life

It doesn’t matter how much money, fame, good health, beauty or even love you have it doesn’t mean you are generally happy.

What does it even mean to be happy? I’ve asked myself this question time and time again and simply put, i believe that it means for the majority of time we feel in a state of contentment, we smile and our central nervous system is relaxed, we are without destructive habits and we can be playful and confident in ourselves. Let’s not overlook an important word here … “majority” ….. We can’t expect to feel this way all of the time, that would be unattainable.

I’ve searched for more than 24 years different pathways, religions, courses, mentors to help find that consistent state of being happy most of the time. Im not a psychologist but i’m well read and i have had a share of difficult times as have all of us. I have studied and become a therapist in Chakra Balancing and this effective ancient tradition forms the basis of my tool set.

I believe that i have managed to find a solution that certainly works for me and i hope that i can share my practice so that others can find more happiness in their life.

Hansah is all about leading a happier life. Respecting the power of routine, understanding the freedom in re-framing, movement and mindful awareness. Being kind to all things, our environment, animals and ourselves. You won’t find too much fuss here, it’s practical and very easy to follow. If you want to learn more i suggest beginning with our energy body it’s the starting point.

By Joanne Swann. Founder Of Hansah Life.