Hansah Life

Hansah offers an evidence based holistic approach to realizing our full potential. As human beings we are blessed with multi-dimensional existence and at least seven types of intelligence including linguistic, existential, spatial, intro-personal, kinesthetic, naturalistic and logical. We have the gift of foresight and imagination and whilst these can be phenomenal they can also create what we call the “human problem”.

The human problem gets in the way of us reaching our full potential.

All of us have problems, they are part of life. Some of us manage them, some of us don’t and we all operate uniquely yet follow similar patterns.

Hansah offers solutions to human problems and a pathway to the two things humans search for in life: a) happiness b) purpose.

Most of us look in the wrong places for both. We look for happiness in objects, situations and relationships and although these might provide short term bouts of happiness they wear off very quickly indeed. Our life’s purpose can be even harder to locate, many of us don’t even know where to start looking let alone live it!

We offer “therapeutics” for FREE, these are things that make us feel better, often referred to as “self care” … meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice, breath-work, energetic energy balancing.

We also offer “therapy” in the form of professionally qualified 1:1 sessions with qualified psychotherapists that specialize in strategic psychotherapy & clinical hypnotherapy.

We have an amazing tribe of people who love to get together in person every now and again so we organize retreats to some of the most AWE-inspiring locations in the world.

Our Hansah Tool Kit comes in the form of an online workshop that has been professionally designed to provide simple tools that can be implemented every day enabling you to stay present while lifting the veil on happiness and finding your purpose. It’s liberating, playful, enlightening & extraordinary. It feels like magic, it may just be magic !. .

As a passion project we have created beautiful clothing that makes you want to move your body. We have also designed our very own Vegan Suede Yoga & Pilates Mats.