Hansah Life

Hansah offers an evidence based holistic approach to leading a happier life.

Humans naturally desire happiness but life is challenging. So much is thrown upon us from all angles at an escalating rate and we’re overwhelmed. Human culture has smothered our true self with layers of conditioning and we have lost the connection to our natural state of being which is happiness. In the words of Rupert Spira, a teacher of the Direct Path of Non Duality “You are the happiness you seek”.

Using various tools such as Self Exploration, Movement, Mindfulness, Breath-work & Trance we can return to our natural state of happiness and ignite phenominal levels of inspiration, creativity and motivation.

During our retreats and workshops we work with world class coaches, trainers & therapists that take you on physical & psychological journey’s.

Our Hansah tool kit for a happier life provides an easy to implement daily routine that instantly makes people feel better. We have designed a short course that provides the tools and guidance you will need. You’ll be able to start implementing these powerful tools on day one. You can also read more about the theory behind the tools on this website.

As a passion project we have created beautiful clothing that makes you want to move your body. We have also designed our very own Vegan Suede Yoga & Pilates Mats.